Meade Instruments Infinity 50mm Telescope Review


The Meade Instruments Infinity 50mm Telescope is a great beginner or intermediate telescope for all the star gazers in your life. It is extremely affordable with high-quality construction to provide lasting durability and performance.

The telescope comes with a wonderful bonus DVD of Autostar Suite Astronomy Planetarium with over ten thousand stellar objects and celestial bodies for your discovery for Windows PC use. The state of the art telescope is great for viewing the stars and planets and also great for landscape viewing as well.

This telescope offers an all in one easy way for beginner astronomers along with intermediate galaxy viewers the ability to view whatever their hearts desire. The two inch 50mm refracting telescope uses two lenses one objector lens on the telescope end and another lens called the optical lens for your eye piece which gives sharper and brighter images.

All in One

The Meade Instruments Infinity 50mm Telescope comes with three different eyepiece lenses. There is the thirty times magnifier of the 20mm lens, the 12mm eyepiece which is fifty times magnified along with the 4mm eyepiece that gives an astounding one hundred and fifty magnification power.

The telescope comes ready to use in your backyard or from a darkened room with an altazimuth tripod which allows for easy viewing. The tripod is made of stainless steel and has manual slow motion controls for easier tracking ability and an altitude lock.

Viewing Pleasure

The use of the refractor prisms allows for correction of images both horizontally and vertically allowing for viewing both landscapes and night sky celestial and planet bodies that will leave you wanting more. With the slow motion tracking ability it gives the most astute astronomer the chance to view meteor showers and even shooting stars.

It comes with a fifty-millimeter aperture optic refractor with a six hundred millimeter focal length and a focal rating of f/twelve that will give you viewing perfection during the day as you view mountain sides and nighttime clarity when viewing the universe. It has a moisture shield to prevent condensation and anti-reflection multicoated optics.