How to Choose a Telescope for Kids


This article will serve as a guide for those parents who are planning to get a telescope for their children.  You probably don’t know if your child will maintain their interest in astronomy, the stars or about the telescope, so it is highly advisable to start with the inexpensive one.  After making a quick research, it is possible to get overwhelmed in the vast options that you have.  To help you on how to choose a telescope for kids, you need to look at the features that are relevant to your kid’s needs and which is the most suitable for the children.

Guide in Choosing Telescope for Kids

In a broad approach, the choices that you have can be categorized into two different types, the reflector, and the refractor.  Let us analyze these two types and see which is better for your kids.


The refractor telescope is your classic, run-of-the-mill, “good enough for an interested kid begining out” kind of scope. It is commonly long and comes in a cylindrical form.  The main component that it utilizes in collecting the light would be its lens.  Refractor is considered to have an excellent quality when it comes to its aperture.  The lens that is commonly equipped in the refractor is commonly durable.   You will not be compelled to do an intensive alignment compared with the other type of telescope.  Unfortunately, it is also the more expensive type of telescope.  And due to the length, it requires a tall tripod, and it will definitely require an additional expenses.


Reflector, also called the ‘Newtonian design’, is another main design of the telescope.  Instead of lens, this telescope use mirror in collecting lights.  These are some of the things that you should pay attention to when you want to know how to choose a telescope for kids.  This type of telescope is commonly short and portable.  And due to its relatively short length, a tripod will not be required when using it.  In a refractor, the image that we commonly get is upside-down but in this telescope, the image is usually in a correct position.  It is also priced reasonable depending on the quality of the aperture.

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Aside from the two common telescopes, there are also different types of telescope with different focal lengths.  The long focal length will commonly have a low magnification rate.  These will allow you to see a smaller area of the sky.  The eye piece also affects the magnification rate of your telescope.  Finally, you may want to have a mount that will keep your telescope stable.  There are two types of mount available in the market; the alt-azimuth and the basic.

Finally, when you want to guarantee the perfect telescope for your kids, it is highly recommended to try them first before you buy.  There may be a local society of astronomers near you that will let you try different microscope.  This will make the process a lot easier.