The Great Dobsonian Telescope

view of craters on Moon through a Dobsonian telescope

Isaac Newton and John Dobson: A Great Match

If I were John Dobson I would be stoked to have my name paired with the likes of Sir Isaac Newton! Actually I would bet even money that Sir Isaac would be fairly impressed with what has been accomplished with his telescope design with the advent of the Dobsonian base.

I used to be that a base for a newtonian reflector was heavy and expensive to build. The mirrors were heavy and needed a bunch of support. With John using thinner, lighter glass it has enabled the newtonian to be built in much larger diameters and still stay portable. Thus they are used more and shared more. Mr Dobson’s dream come true!

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Look at some of the phenomenal Dobsonian Telescopes that are available today.

Obviously there are some great Dobsonian Telescopes put out there by some of the commercial scope companies. Some of the less commercial Dobsonian Telescope builders put out some REALLy wonderful telescopes.

First lets look at the Obsession. These guys build a group of Dobsonian Telescopes that will show you DSO in ways you wouldn’t believe. The first time you look through a 24 inch Obsession you will be blown away.

Another company that builds some cool telescopes is Starmaster. They have superior optics with Carl Zambuto building their mirrors. A Zambuto mirror is way up there on the cool stuff scale! Starmaster also has a great goto system for their dobsonian telescopes. My friend has one that works great on his 24 inch Starmaster. They (Starmaster) also makes a neat FX model that is perfect for us old folk that don’t like climbing ladders all night long..The FX is a short scope low to the ground. What makes the FX series Starmaster so cool for me is that I am parcel to fast telescopes. These short scopes are F4 and even faster. They have a huge FOV for large Dobsonian Telescopes.

The 25 inch truss tube dobsonian telescope to the right is really cool scope if it is in your budget. This folding dobsonian telescope from Obsession is a superb telescope for anyone that has a storage problem or owns a small car.

Talk about REALLY cool scopes!!

Take a look at this 40 inch Folded Optics Telescope on a trailer. I borrowed this picture from JMI I don’t think they will mind.

JMI sells this telescope for $159,000! That’s right you see three zero’s there!

This is their New Technology Telescope info from the JMI site.

What is a New Technology Telescope?

The New Technology Telescope (NTT) is an altitude-azimuth (alt-az) Newtonian with folded optics and Go-To electronics.  The NTT-40 is a 1 meter or 40″ (f/4) system suitable for both visual work and short-exposure photography (no field de-rotation).  It includes the Vixen SkySensor 2000-PC computer control, open Serrurier truss rod design, compact size and JMI’s celebrated quality construction.  (See the April 2000 Sky & Telescope magazine, page 56, for a review of the SkySensor 2000-PC.)

Wow! Now that is a huge portable telescope!

Speaking of Portaball…(see what I did there?)

The astroscan is like this but it is way smaller. I believe the astroscan is a 4.5 inch scopeThis is a cool, although not typical dobsonian telescope It’s called the Portaball telescope it don’t use the usual base to carry the truss tube type newtonian. Instead the base of the telescope is round and it sets in a ring that allows the scope to swivel

You can see more of the Portaball at Mag 1 here

Okay Look at the Teleport Telescope!

All right you say, What does an oxygen machine got to do with telescopes? I dunno, that is a telescope! Yes its is<G>

It is the Teleport 7″ dobsonian telescope in its closed position! This is one of many size Teleport Telescopes that close up to this neat room saving package! That is a cool scope! See more of it here at

The really cool thing about this Teleport telescope is that it doesn’t just compact, the container is the base etc. and it houses the power supply and has several storage compartments for EP’s, filters and any other accessories or astro needs you may have. The real kicker is that the Teleport Telescopes come with Zambuto optics! … Way cool!!!

Teleport Telescope

teleport 10" call outs

You will have to go to the Teleport site to get prices. Just click on the picture

The CPT Compact Dobsonian Telescope

This is another 10″ Dobsonian Telescope that packs up real small. Plus it just looks cool!

Notice the hinge on the base. These type Dobsonian Telescope bases fold down flat and save a ton of room especially for small cars. This scope was designed for sport car hauling..

How about some Dobsonian Telescopes turned into Telescope Binoculars

Here is a site that has more on telescope binoculars and on the LBT. They also have an astronomy store that has great deals on binoculars, telescopes and telescope binoculars.