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Newbies Looking for a Good Scope...Look No Further

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When you buy your first telescope, it is relatively easy to become overwhelmed with all of the choices that manufacturers in the industry have available on the market today.

The Daunting Task of Choosing Your First Telescope

From looking through telescopes online that have been specifically marketed and designed for newbies who are just getting started with this craft, there is a wide host of telescopes on the market for you to select from.

Drilling down to which ones are actually the best telescopes for beginners can be more than a challenging experience. In fact, choosing a telescope is the hardest part of novice stargazing.  Everything else can be learned a in a book or on a website…even in mobile apps.  Getting the scope that’s right for you, though, is solely on your shoulders.

So we’re happy to present a bunch of information on this page that you can review before you make your purchase. We want to get you out of shopping mode and into stargazing mode ASAP.

Since some sites are dedicated to this topic, they usually have the skills and expertise to help people to make the best buying decision possible. Starting with looking for a telescope that is quick and easy to set-up since beginners and seasoned alike can go mobile at any time.. This kind of telescope should not require any tools to be used for set-up because it should come pre-assembled or easy to put together. Therefore, when people make these purchases, this is one of the primary factors or considerations that everyone should pay close attention. Specifically, if the individual is expecting to move around in different places and locations when they begin their star gazing ventures.

Basic Beginner Scopes

Product Brand List Price
Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope Celestron $129.95
Solomark 70mm Apeture 400mm Az Mount Telescope SOLOMARK N/A
OUTERDO 20x60 Dual Focus Monocular Portable HD Spotting Scopes Optical Prism Telescope With Tripod OUTERDO $27.48


Based on the individual and their preferences, one of the best types that should be reviewed and considered normally involves the use of the light weight and compact sizes that have been designed specifically for travel.

Amateur Astronomy

As an amateur astronomer, you will be looking for a telescope that provides you clear, crisp, bright images of various objects along with terrestrial views. This means if you are interested in the planets and how you can view them at different times, you will be looking for a telescope that  will be able to view Jupiter, Mars and other planets in both questionable and clear weather.

The telescopes that an individual chooses must have adequate enough capabilities to view the objects that they are most interested in without any unnecessary issues or concerns that comes.

Specifically, those issues that can ruin a good experience when the setting isn’t just right.

The rest of this guide is directed towards a general person who is interested in hobby astronomy and a total newbie. You’ll notice that we transition from “you” to “a buyer” or “someone”.  You can use this guide for yourself or when buying a telescope for an interested person in your life such as a child, spouse, retired parent, etc.

Please enjoy!

Features and Topics to Consider When Buying a First Time Telescope

Made for the Novice Star Gazer

As previously referenced, buying the best telescopes for a newbie can be a challenge within itself. Specifically, with all of the different products on the market today. Therefore, it is very important that consumers know in advance what they are looking for and the purposes in which a new telescope is needed.

Since the different types of telescopes on the market today have been made and designed for specific purposes, this is one of the first considerations that the buyer must review prior to shopping around online or in retail settings. For instance, some newbies who are just getting started with getting their feet wet may be simply buying a telescope for a wide variety of purposes and needs including being given the capability to go bird watching during the day hours and star gazing at night near the hour of midnight. In some cases, the buyer may have a need to follow their interest in the area of astrophotography because

Choices Must have Affordable Pricing and Fit the Needs of the Individual

Take a Look at How much you should be paying for a decent scope.

Even though a buyer may be a newbie in regards to their present interest in the stars, they may or may not have a budget that will allow them to buy the most expensive type for a novices’ interest. Therefore, each buyer will need to consider how much that they can afford when they are shopping around for best beginners telescopes.  You can get great telescopes for the novice or more experienced on Amazon.

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Meaning as an amateur, there may be a wide range that the buyer can expect to pay. Starting with the least expensive and sophisticated and ending in range with the most expensive and technologically advanced, buyers will need to pick and choose the price that is best for their pocket. With that being said, everyone will need to do their best telescopes for beginners research well in advance in order get the best deal possible. Fortunately, there are amateur sets that will work effectively and efficiently for those who are just getting started and they do not have to cost a mint.

Typically, when looking around, each individual should look for the telescopes that will allow them to take advantage of some of the standard features in order to have the best experience possible. For example, based on the individual and their personal preferences, they may need to use a telescope with 20mm features in order to find just about anything that they are looking for. Or, they may choose to use a 10mm telescope to focus on their objects. It does not matter if it is focusing on an ant that is 100 yards away or other objects that can be seen with the naked eye, the right types of telescopes will give the user the capability to simply practice on their objects as they begin to get better with the latest technologies.

Travel Size 

Another important consideration that buyers should consider closely before they make their final purchase is the type and size of their new telescope. Since the buyer is looking for the best telescopes for beginners, it is important that they find and identify a telescope that will meet their specific needs. One in specific is searching for the type of telescope that will allow the individual to travel around from one location to another as needed.

In some cases, it may be difficult for the buyer to actually tell which size is actually better by simply looking at a picture of it online. So, everyone will need to review the size based on the published footage in order to make the proper selections for each individual. For instance, the buyer can normally tell if the size is going to be best for them by comparing it to the size of their own backpack to see if it will fit comfortably enough to carry around with them, especially if it does not come inside its own carrying case.

Good Travel Scope Options

Product List Price
Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope $89.95


Additionally, the telescope must have collapsible parts that will make it easy to set-up anywhere. With these types of features, it is also important for them to know how to store it away whenever it is needed. One of the main features in this kind of telescope, however, should be those that will provide the user with exceptional observatory quality. This is because the quality that the individual purchases can make a significant difference in how clearly they can see and identify items that are far away from their distances. Also, because the novice is just getting started, it is important that they are getting a good start, even if they are amateur that may not be familiar with what they are really doing.

Great Reviews from Consumers

Just like any other product that an individual is expecting to buy, they can receive some help in making their purchases by looking for feedback from consumers who have already bought specific types of telescopes that have been placed on the market today. Fortunately, the reviews that some consumers leave can help buyers with making a decision that they may be struggling with.

For instance, the buyer may be looking for a telescope for a small child or they may be making a purchase for a young adult, and they cannot make a distinction between those that will fit a specific age. According to the feedback that they receive, they can make a more informed decision. Specifically, because the features needed for these individuals can vary significantly based on their needs, preferences and their present age.

Highly Rated Telescopes

Product List Price
Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope $169.95
Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector $309.99
Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope $799.00
Black Twinstar 60mm Refractor Telescope N/A


With this in mind, consumers can provide the potential buyer with their experiences, and they will tell the person if the telescope has been designed for newbies or for an individual that is a little bit more advanced. Based on the feedback that the buyer receives, it will not only save them time, but also money in selecting the best option for the individual. If a consumer has made their purchases recently, they can also give the potential buyer some of the pros and cons of buying a telescope from specific manufactures. For instance, some manufacturers design and make premium products, while others make sub-par designs. Simply put, the premium manufacturers can be placed high on the list of the top considerations.

Filled with Multiple Functionalities

As previously referenced, some manufacturers are designing better premium products, specifically as they are compared to other manufacturer brands. So, people who are searching around for the best possible deal with the latest features should be aware of these and other related distinctions. Also, as technology advances in many different areas, the innovations in this industry has increased substantially too. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a telescope for both newbies and seasoned users alike, it is essential that the functionality of each telescope be explored prior to making a final decision.

More importantly, people should know that there are some amazing telescopes on the market today that will provide each user with a lot of flexibility in their performance, and they will make it much easier for people to be introduced to their new craft. For instance, based on the type of tracking mount used in taking pictures, the user may be elated with the quality and the ease in which they can capture far away objects or they may be very disappointed. This is one of the main reasons why the type of innovative technology that is purchased should also be reviewed well in advance before buying their first telescope.

What is the Purpose?

When a beginner is getting started, they may want to use their telescopes for a hobby. Or, they may be thinking about using their telescope as a career if they want to become an astronomer. In either case, it is very important that this part of the buying process be identified to narrow down the main purpose for its use. Once the buyer knows exactly what their telescope will be used for, they can make a better-informed decision in type and in the cost. For instance, some people may want to take their telescope with them on a camping trip so that they can look at the constellations during the night hours. Therefore, they may not need a device that is very expensive for these situations.

On the other hand, if they are looking for equipment that will allow them to start out small, but progress as they find out more valuable information, they may need to find a telescope that can provide them with a lot of variety and diversity. For instance, the person may want to study planets like Saturn to see how they are positioned in the sky or the moon on a clear night. In order to do this effectively, the person will need a lens that will magnify their images so that it will make it much easier for them to view their objects.

Pro Tip:  Consider the Aperture for Expert qualityTelescope Aperture Definition

If the beginner astronomer wants to get started on the right foot, they will need to understand everything that they can about topics like aperture and how it relates to these types of purchases. Most professionals will normally say that it does not take a genius to understand it, but it may take a little time based on the person and their interest. Also, after the individual understands what they know about this topic, they can select telescopes that will provide them with the right type of lenses. Specifically, those that have been designed with features that will best use lighting. For instance, the buyer should know that narrow aperture equal deep depth of field.


How to find the best telescopes for those who are just getting started can be very challenging experience today. With so many different brands, manufactures and types available in this industry, it can be difficult to identify the best one for an individual and their specific needs. Both the novice and veteran users alike are often faced with the same decisions when they are searching online and in their local retail stores. However, there are some significant differences in the types that they select. Specifically, because there are a number of essential considerations that should be reviewed closely prior to making a final decision. One of the more notable usually involves looking for telescopes that are easy to set-up quickly as well as break down to be stored. More importantly, these devices must be designed for travel from one destination to another whenever the user decides to explore different areas and locations.

When a buyer is looking for the best fit for an individual, there are other criteria that should be used. Some of the more advantageous includes choosing the most affordable prices, the right travel sizes and those that are filled or packed with a lot of versatile functionalities. It is also essential that the buyer is looking for those that will fit a specific purpose. From studying the stars for an astronomy career to using it as a hobby for a camping trip, the buyer should know its specific use far in advance.

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